About Lash Studio

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Phone: (832) 641-7504
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Email: lashstudio1@gmail.com

At LASH STUDIO, our creative passion for understanding and advancing the science of beauty is to help women feel more confident by enhancing their naturel beauty. We are dedicated to providing quality, innovative products for all who aspire to beauty.


JB LASHES are specially produced by feather light ,high gloss, synthetic lashes for the use of eyelash extensions while many other company's lashes are cuts of false eye lashes or hair(which can weigh down the natural lashes causing breakage ).JB LASHES are all HAND -MADE and securely monitored to have consistency in length and curl (our #1 interest).


All JB LASHES are super sofl, lush and flexible unlike other lashes that are rigid and tough. Our lashes are strong yet comfortable to the wearers eyes.


A JB LASHES exclusive, lash fibers are enhanced and polished with a special formula to optimize bonding power between the natural and synthetic lash. JB LASHES fibers have also been recently improved to contain micropore fibers. These tiny fibers also optimize the bonding power between the natural and synthetic lashes. The glue seeps into the micro pores of our premium lashes ,and ,upon contact with the natural lashes ,releases and clings onto the lash.